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Malice Mizer's Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
Malice Mizer

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( 40 translated incorrectly ^^; | Beast of Blood )

[06 Jul 2003|08:13pm]

[ mood | stressed ]

-For an eternity he sat there, trying desperately to concentrate on anything but what had just occurred. It all seemed to blur together in his mind, he could barely remember what had happened anymore... just that his guitar was broken, his dress ripped, his creativity smashed, and that it had been the phone that sparked it all.

The phone, and Klaha.

Just had to happen, didn't it. He was already annoyed at the man. Couldn't quite remember why right now. Knew it was true, though.

And so he sat, not trusting himself even to open his eyes, knowing that he'd see the destruction again if he did so... let alone get up and move somewhere, even to change out of the torn dress that constantly reminded him of its presence by the draft it created.

And so he just sat there, wallowing in his own thoughts, as blurred and incoherent as they were, with no real hope for a change in sight...-

( Beast of Blood )

Sorry... [24 Jun 2003|07:18pm]

[ mood | embarrassed ]

I must apologise profusely for having no update for so long.

I left town rather quickly last week (I am sorry I had to cancel our meeting with little to no notice), and I have only just returned.

I would like to re-arrange our meeting this weekend, or next, because I feel so ashamed for leaving you all out here with no warning.


( 93 translated incorrectly ^^; | Beast of Blood )

[11 Jun 2003|09:11pm]

-he breathed heavily, sighing on the table and glancing at his watch again..

//If you didn't want to wait, you shouldn't have come early..//

But he knew that if he'd arrived any later than he did, he would have worried.. worried that his partner had been here first, and perhaps waited for him then left.. no, it was much easier to come fifteen minutes prior to eight and spend the time distracting himself, pretending he was as confident as he wished, confident enough to worry about what would happen once Kozi got here like a normal person would do, not if he would come at all. Despite it, his pale fingertips drummed against the tabletop, graced with only a tablecloth and napkins as the food could not be ordered until Kozi-kun arrived, and begun telling the story over in his head again, trying to distract himself by thinking if he'd finished everything at home before coming out, but always being drawn back to Kozi somehow..

He glanced down at the fraying edges of the shirt beneath his suit, small orange fibres clinging to the black material against his wrist. The crisp black suit was practically the only clean unwrinkled item left in his closet this morning when he went to change, he regretted it as his children's intuition has directed him towards a faint orange shirt with small black buttons, which was now beginning to malt on his one respectable black item. Although it could barely be seen unless closely inspected, he was sure Kozi would notice-- Kozi always noticed things like that. Little imperfections, in his music, in his clothing, in his performances. He was always striving for perfection, trying to get things absolutely faultless. He was a lover of beauty.

He sighed. There was little sense in what he knew of Kozi and what he knew of himself. But he let it pass as a waiter moved past the table again, suspiciously eyeing where he sat, checking yet again, no doubt, if his friend was here yet, or ever going to arrive.

//They just think he's late because I got here early.. but he's not, he still has another five minutes before eight o'clock.. he'll be here..//

His fingertips began drumming on the table again, making a noise progressively louder and louder, unheard to his ears, but seen by his eyes within a few moments in the reactions of the visitors nearby, who had leant over their meals to bring themselves closer to their guests and hosts, whispering about the disruptance. Embarassed he pulled his hands back under the table and rested them on his lap, realising that his right leg was jolting up and down with nerves. Forcing it to come to a standstill with a combination of mindpower and his hands, he glanced out the window and onto the city lights below.

The small dots of light stood out amongst the near pitch black of the city, the buildings illuminated by the pinprick holes of white joining together and forming a dim glow. He thought it was pretty to see the city like this at night.. Kozi would appreciate it if he got here...

//When he gets here.. when.. stop being so pessimistic..//

But although he scolded himself for constantly thinking the worst, the thoughts did not cease once his eyes drifted back to the city, blanketed in shadow before him. He lifted his index finger to the place between his eyes and pushed his glasses up further onto the bridge of his nose, sighing again and looking down at the tablecloth. His hand fell down to rest upon it and the small metallic watch poking out from underneith the tangle of orange and black shone in the light trickling through the window. Its face glinted for a moment and caught his eye. It had just gone eight o'clock.

He heard the elevator open behind him, a small "bing~" ringing through the quieting restaurant. But before his hopes could spark, he heard a man addressing the elevator occupant, and to his dismay, the voice replied. A voice that wasn't Kozi's. He sighed and looked back down at his hands, clasping each other, not even bothering to turn around..-

( 127 translated incorrectly ^^; | Beast of Blood )

[19 May 2003|08:05pm]

-after searching frantically through the pile of clothes upon the floor, and coming to the conclusion that after being stepped on, walked upon and in some cases, used as towels, for a week, they were hardly fit for a walk to Kozi-kun's, he sat himself down on the side of the bed, clad in only white underwear and scruffily arranged, newly orange hair.. thinking for a moment.. and finally moving over to the drawers where he kept his casual clothes. His fingers finding the coarse material of blue denim jeans, and cotton shirt beside it, he pulled them roughly from the drawer, causing it to yank out from the holster and perch precariously on the edge whilst he tugged the clothing free. Walking away from the drawers, over the piles of cloth strewn about, and to the bed again, he lowered himself to the mattress, bringing the jeans to his feet and sliding them up his legs, over his thighs, and zipping it up carefully, before sliding the shirt over his eyes just in time to miss seeing the source of the immense crash coming from across the room. Allowing it to move silently over his hair and past his face again, he was able to regain his sense of sight, and place it on the room in front of him-- now with the added feature of a drawer amongst numerous pairs of underwear on the floor, some even flinging themselves onto other pieces of furniture...-


-he sighed with exasperation, moving over to the debri and pulling a pair of socks from it, flinging them onto his bed and crouching down on all fours, moving an arm around underneith the mattress, searching for his shoes.. and finally resting a hand atop the sneakers still slightly stinky from a few days ago, and resting them next to the socks, before slipping on both the pairs, satisfied. Happy with the small arrangement he had decided upon, his hand reached out for the keys on the benchtop, picking them up quickly and putting them into his pocket, before stepping to the door, and out into the night air..

The stroll was a short one, for Kozi-kun's house was merely a few blocks away, a miniscule walk for someone so used to late night promenades, and he quite enjoyed the fresh midnight air until the moment his steps came to a close, at the opening of Kozi's driveway, darkening into a small hole where his doorway was, inside the shadows, inviting him to step up to the large knocker, wrap his fingers around it, and slowly let it drop back against the oak..-

( 19 translated incorrectly ^^; | Beast of Blood )

Restaurant visit. [13 May 2003|08:26pm]

[ mood | nervous ]

*Pulling up to the restaurant in a dignified car, I slowly and gracefully stepped out in front of the place which Yu~ki had referred to. The contrast of white makeup with the black hair and dress brought stares from all sides - there seemed to be a crowd of people looking from every direction, though I knew that there were really only a few people nearby. I had tried to keep it fairly... simple... but there wasn't really much I had available that filled that category.

Walking slowly to the door of the restaurant, I suddenly hoped strongly that this was indeed the place that Yu~ki meant - I had no wish to end up with no partner. Walking in, I scanned the tables and did not catch sight of him. There were quite a few people here, but not too many; there was a corner with no occupied tables nearby. However, the first obstacle became very apparent as a slightly reverential-looking waiter strode up to meet me, and asked me whether I would like a table. I nodded quickly and held up two fingers, hoping he would not question me further. I hoped Yu~ki arrived quickly, as I gestured to the corner in which I intended to sit, and was led to it. I had no wish to sit here alone, watched by these people, for any length of time...*

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