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Restaurant visit.

*Pulling up to the restaurant in a dignified car, I slowly and gracefully stepped out in front of the place which Yu~ki had referred to. The contrast of white makeup with the black hair and dress brought stares from all sides - there seemed to be a crowd of people looking from every direction, though I knew that there were really only a few people nearby. I had tried to keep it fairly... simple... but there wasn't really much I had available that filled that category.

Walking slowly to the door of the restaurant, I suddenly hoped strongly that this was indeed the place that Yu~ki meant - I had no wish to end up with no partner. Walking in, I scanned the tables and did not catch sight of him. There were quite a few people here, but not too many; there was a corner with no occupied tables nearby. However, the first obstacle became very apparent as a slightly reverential-looking waiter strode up to meet me, and asked me whether I would like a table. I nodded quickly and held up two fingers, hoping he would not question me further. I hoped Yu~ki arrived quickly, as I gestured to the corner in which I intended to sit, and was led to it. I had no wish to sit here alone, watched by these people, for any length of time...*
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-the search for something to wear is a difficult one... black clothing strewn about the room in an attempt to find an outfit suitable for all of a Chinese restaurant, a casual occasion and a Mana meeting. Eventually the floor is covered in layer after layer of clothing, even the visual kei outfits having been pulled out, tried on, and tossed upon the pile, nothing seeming to match anything else, and he suddenly realises why he's never wished he was a woman. Sighing in frustration, envying Mana's ability for things like this, he frantically digs through the large mound of cloth and accessories, finding a pair of black pants coming down to his ankles, a dark blue business shirt and suit top-half, dressing himself quickly, wrapping a black scarf around his neck to hide from the chill.

After doing up his shoes and applying a small amount of make-up, he begrudgingly wanders to the mirror and sorts through his collection of wigs... finding one suitable, as far as he could see, 3 inch long black hair, fairly messy looking, but still able to look semi-refined... and left for the door. He paused at the handle and turned back, darting into his room and grabbing something from the bottom of his drawer, taking a moment to fit it to himself and moving outside the door again, beginning the small walk to the restaurant.

After finally arriving several minutes later, and spying Mana inside the doorway, a small smile moves across his face...-

I don't think Mana knows the meaning of the word "casual"...

-still staring through the window, and watching Mana's eyes widen for a moment and hold up two fingers very un-Mana-ly, dashes inside to the conclusion that exactly what's happened, has, and comes to the rescue..-

Hi.. I'm his partner.. Uh, her partner...

-watches Mana's arms relax, obviously ready for a sharp elbowing beforehand-

We'll be fine to find our table... thanks...

-smiles politely at the waiter, glancing curiously at the thick scarf around his neck, but eventually moving away-

You can thank me later...
*as we finally reach the table, we are safe from the moment from prying ears, though quite obviously not prying eyes. I looked around, seeing multiple staring couples, conversation reduced to a mumbling buzz. I weakly smile and nod politely to them, before turning back to Yu~ki.*

Well, thank you. I...

*pauses for a moment as another waiter stops next to the table, to hand out two menus to us, as well as giving a very long stare to our attire - I'm unsure whether he actually recognises us, or is just not used to having people dressed such inside his store. I give another polite nod, and wait until he's left the room for the kitchens before turning back to Yu~ki.*

I think, next time, we will just eat at my house, ne?
Hrmmm... I should have guessed.. you don't have to whisper all the time, Mana-sama...

-adjusts the scarf wrapped around his neck, the harsh lights on the ceiling beginning to force sweatdrops to form under the warm woolen insulator-

But it took me long enough to dress for you, the least you can do now is order... watch it though.. here comes another waiter... perhaps you'd better just point...
*Sits up straighter in his seat, ready to lecture Yu~ki on protocol, and that I would never be undignified enough to simply leave without ordering or eating... but unfortunately enough Yu~ki was correct, and another waiter was coming up to the table. He was already engrossed in his menu, and I had yet to pick mine up, so I gracefully if a little quickly picked it up to scan through.

It had been many years since I'd dined here, and then with the whole band with me; I still felt the eyes on me, and it shouldn't have affected me so. I tried to remember which had been good quality when last I had arrived, but surely it had changed since also, and I decided to just go with what I knew I liked.

The waiter had simply passed us by with a long glance, it seemed, and was not directly paying attention to us, but was still far too close. Leaning over to Yu~ki, I quickly indicated my choices - a simple house special vegetable soup, rice, and beef in black bean sauce - Yu~ki had mentioned it earlier and I had not tried it in many years, and if memory serves they did make it well here. I quickly moved back again from the somewhat undignified position as the waiter turned to us once again...*
-forces back a giggles as Mana leans over the table and points to the menu, knowing the people sitting behind him would be stifling laughter much more then he was, but not saying anything to Mana for fear of him finding an excuse to go to the "ladies" room... and goodness knows what conflict would occur there...-

Hrmmm... alright.. if you want.. you really can eat like a horse, when you want to.

-cringes as a high-heeled foot delivers a sharp blow to his shin just as the waiter turns to his table again, peering strangely at his scarf, tucked inside the suit jacket, buttoned up the entire way, not leaving an inch of the shirt to be seen, and bows discreetly, eyes still trained on the scarf as he moves around to Mana's end. Sensing Mana's tension, a vibe only the speechless can give off, the silent equivalent of a quick finger across the neck to signify the need for help, he raised his eyes to the man about to open his lips and ask for Mana's order..-

I believe I'll have.. hrmmm... this.. and this...-points to the menu in the appropriate places-
..And the lady will have... this.. and this...
-out of the corner of the eye, he spies Mana, gloved hand raised to his face, trying desperately to hide what was an unmistakable smile..-
*nods politely once again, face still covered as the waiter begins to leave with their orders, then once he is out of earshot turns my head to face Yu~ki, trying very hard, even with many years of practise, not to let either amusement or annoyance to show*

Like a horse, is it, Yu~ki? I noticed you ordered a chocolate dessert there. We'll see just who eats like what before the night is over...

*Leaning back again, I moved my leg to gently but threateningly poke him in the leg once more with the point of the shoe.*

You just watch yourself...

*the mouth, that should be perfectly under control, curled up ever so slightly, and I made a show of leaning on my hand to hide it... I must be losing my touch, it may have been too long since I have done a proper appearance...*
-at the mention of the chocolate desert, his face grows hot... the small roses of his cheeks growing redder and redder, pink against his normal pale complexion... blushing deeper and deeper, turning away from Mana prying eyes, seeming satisfied now with embarassing Yu~ki... and still hoping Mana didn't hear him ask for a hot chocolate, too...-

Yes... well... to be moving on... aren't you proud of the wonderful job I did of dressing up for you? It took me much longer than I think it took even you, Mana... I have no skill with clothing, but I managed to do pretty well. Very suave. Business-like. Formal. Yeah... formal.

-at this, his cheeks blush again... darker than before..-
-arches an eyebrow, staring at Yu~ki's discomfiture... I obviously had had more effect on the man than I'd intended, judging by his extremely nervous and pathetic attempt at changing the subject. Maybe I'd been a bit harsh.

Gently I leant across the table and patted him on the hand, nodding as I did so.*

It's a very nice outfit, Yu~ki. You don't have to worry about it. I'm proud to be seen with you. You have plenty of fashion sense, it's been half our job through the years together, if you remember.
-grins stupidly and giggles nervously, avoiding eye contact for a moment. Eventually, begrudgingly, lifts and arm from the table and tugs at the scarf tucked inside the jacket, first the end inside, then unwrapping it from his neck, revealing a very formal dark shirt, white neck, and brightly-coloured, blinking, flashing Gachaman tie, slightly damp with the sweat collected from keeping the hot scarf on inside for almowst twenty minutes now-

......gomen nasai Mana-sama.

-avoids Mana's eyes further, glancing across the restaurant to avoid his stare, but only coming face to face with other customers, chopsticks in hand, some in the plates, some in the very customer's mouths, but all sitting still in awe as the tie almost illuminated everything in sight, blinking on and off and on and off and on and off...-

...I should probably take it off now, huh.

*I hissed through clenched teeth, but it was still more than loud enough to be heard throughout the now nearly completely silent room, causing me further mortification. So THIS is why he was babbling about clothes. I realised now that it had been somewhat odd to keep the scarf on all this time, but such things have never really called my attention - it had been quite stylish, after all. I leant over close to him to whisper very quietly - it really didn't matter how we looked now, I suppose, but I had no intention of being heard again.*

Yes, take it off. You lured me out here in the first place just to do that, didn't you?

*I sighed, trying to compose myself. I suppose it WAS rather amusing. But I can't believe he would do that to me like that... Well, actually, judging by the rather shell-shocked waiter heading our way with a large hot chocolate, there was enough child in him... yes, it was very Yu~ki. I almost regretted telling him to take it off, but he still shouldn't have brought it...*
-still blushing, and sad that he had to part with the flashing shiny thing constantly attracting his attention again from the job of untying it, is finally came undone, and fell into his palm, where it sat there, blinking at him until he reached behind it and pressed a small button-- terminating its light source. A sadness hung in the air for him.. like the death of a friend.. a very blinky friend, who caused him a lot of amusement until now... and the waiter came over, not looking very pleased-

"Please sir... may I have that? We do not allow... uhh.."
He struggled for a word to describe the tie.
"...informal wear, here."

"Will I get it back?"
"We don't know, sir."
"But... but... that's my--"

-another kick from under the table made him stop, looking down ashamedly at the desktop laden with a spoon and chopsticks as the waiter snatches the tie from his hand. Barely noticing out of the corner of his eye, the waiter moves over to a corner of the restaurant, dropping it into a nearby bin before moving swiftly, without a pause, into the kitchen through a revolving door. Although some had resumed eating, there was still a slight silence, before two or three young girls rose from their seat... slowly moving towards the bench... until one of them reached inside the bin, fumbled a little bit, being urged on by the others, finally grasped something, and ran out, giggling insanely and bouncing with the others, treasuring their flashing momento.

He sighed, and heard the doors leading to the kichen swing open, and the chink of a china plate kitting the door as it moved out of the way. He picked up his chopsticks, and broke them in half-


*I repeated the phrase after him quickly and under my breath, before the waiters could come and place our food before us. The food smelt fantastic, and I gave a nod of thanks to the waiters, whose confused and hesitant stares now looked quite disapproving. All eyes remained on us, but it somehow bothered me less now, even though Yu~ki had made a scene and I had spoken.

I ate slowly and carefully, mindful of the watchers and Yu~ki's earlier comments, not to mention my dress. I had no intention of messing that up. I also watched Yu~ki as he ate, not sure whether he was still amused by it all or sad over the loss of his tie. His eyes were downcast, but as he slurped noisily from his chocolate drink he seemed to cheer up somewhat.

I said nothing as I ate, however, simply watching him, hoping to gain some clue as to what he was thinking.*
-he longingly wrapped his cold white fingers around the warm mug of hot chocolate as it arrived at his table, smelling the rich chocolate wafting from the cup, inviting him and driving his tastebuds wild... if he could not have his tie, he was certainly not going to miss out on savouring this..-

Hrmmm... it's nice to actually just get out with you again, once in a while... haven't really done this since Merveilles...

-holding the mug close in both hands and sipping from it gingerly, the hot liquid coming close to burning his tontgue with every taste, he glanced at the rest of his food with lack of hunger now... but knowing the dessert was coming made him all the more hungry, and he was able to hold the mug in his left hand, his right manuevering the chopsticks quickly and expertly, glancing over his food, and still not being able to resist his childish temptation, reached across the table and picked at some of mana's plate, catching his scornful eye and keeping to his own thereafter-
*nods carefully at the comment, not really giving an answer as it didn't really ask for one... then changing my mind and replying.*

It has been a while, hasn't it? Perhaps we should do it again sometime soon. Invite the rest of the-

*I cut off as I fended his chopsticks away from my plate with my own, but too late to prevent a small portion of my meal from vanishing. Casting a disapproving look at him - he really would never give up with this - I decided to take the only course of action readily available to me.*

You know, Yu~ki, there's something...

*without warning I gave him a light kick in the leg, trying not to hit him where I'd already injured him before, but enough to make him cry out in surprise... and lower his guard enough for me to reach out and snatch a piece of his own meal on my chopsticks, looking at him as I ate it as if silently asking him what he was going to do about it.*
-rubbing his shin with the palm of his hand, he couldn't help but grin at the smug man across the table from him, a perfectly respectable musician, whose songs and albums had inspired others for years, sitting with him now, in a dress, layered with make-up, in heels higher than most females would ever dare to attempt walking in, and somehow still managing to convince everyone around him they were not even worthy of his presence.

He could see even Mana had a kiddish side... and he considered having another turn at snatching more beef in black bean sauce, when the pain in his leg registered again, and he decided otherwise, sticking to his own plate and eagerly awaiting the deserts, his drink cool enough to drink greedily now, gulping down the entire mug in one go-

Hmmmmmm.. do you get out with Juka and Kazuno much..?



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