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Restaurant visit.

*Pulling up to the restaurant in a dignified car, I slowly and gracefully stepped out in front of the place which Yu~ki had referred to. The contrast of white makeup with the black hair and dress brought stares from all sides - there seemed to be a crowd of people looking from every direction, though I knew that there were really only a few people nearby. I had tried to keep it fairly... simple... but there wasn't really much I had available that filled that category.

Walking slowly to the door of the restaurant, I suddenly hoped strongly that this was indeed the place that Yu~ki meant - I had no wish to end up with no partner. Walking in, I scanned the tables and did not catch sight of him. There were quite a few people here, but not too many; there was a corner with no occupied tables nearby. However, the first obstacle became very apparent as a slightly reverential-looking waiter strode up to meet me, and asked me whether I would like a table. I nodded quickly and held up two fingers, hoping he would not question me further. I hoped Yu~ki arrived quickly, as I gestured to the corner in which I intended to sit, and was led to it. I had no wish to sit here alone, watched by these people, for any length of time...*
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