Yu~ki-sama (yuki_sama) wrote in maliciousmizery,

-after searching frantically through the pile of clothes upon the floor, and coming to the conclusion that after being stepped on, walked upon and in some cases, used as towels, for a week, they were hardly fit for a walk to Kozi-kun's, he sat himself down on the side of the bed, clad in only white underwear and scruffily arranged, newly orange hair.. thinking for a moment.. and finally moving over to the drawers where he kept his casual clothes. His fingers finding the coarse material of blue denim jeans, and cotton shirt beside it, he pulled them roughly from the drawer, causing it to yank out from the holster and perch precariously on the edge whilst he tugged the clothing free. Walking away from the drawers, over the piles of cloth strewn about, and to the bed again, he lowered himself to the mattress, bringing the jeans to his feet and sliding them up his legs, over his thighs, and zipping it up carefully, before sliding the shirt over his eyes just in time to miss seeing the source of the immense crash coming from across the room. Allowing it to move silently over his hair and past his face again, he was able to regain his sense of sight, and place it on the room in front of him-- now with the added feature of a drawer amongst numerous pairs of underwear on the floor, some even flinging themselves onto other pieces of furniture...-


-he sighed with exasperation, moving over to the debri and pulling a pair of socks from it, flinging them onto his bed and crouching down on all fours, moving an arm around underneith the mattress, searching for his shoes.. and finally resting a hand atop the sneakers still slightly stinky from a few days ago, and resting them next to the socks, before slipping on both the pairs, satisfied. Happy with the small arrangement he had decided upon, his hand reached out for the keys on the benchtop, picking them up quickly and putting them into his pocket, before stepping to the door, and out into the night air..

The stroll was a short one, for Kozi-kun's house was merely a few blocks away, a miniscule walk for someone so used to late night promenades, and he quite enjoyed the fresh midnight air until the moment his steps came to a close, at the opening of Kozi's driveway, darkening into a small hole where his doorway was, inside the shadows, inviting him to step up to the large knocker, wrap his fingers around it, and slowly let it drop back against the oak..-
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